Our Team

Brandon J. Miller

Private Wealth Advisor

As Brio’s founder, much of our team’s culture comes from Brandon. His commitment to clients’ best interests — and focus on building a firm where people can feel comfortable and have fun — drives how our team operates each day.

Jake Zalewski

President & Chief Compliance Officer

Jake Zalewski serves as the President and leader of Brio Financial Group, where his thoughtful approach helps each client feel supported, accepted, and valued. His commitment to upholding clients’ best interests infuses every aspect of our team’s work. Whether he is making simple operational decisions or major strategic choices, Jake strives to ensure his leadership creates positive, intentional client experiences.

Abraham Martinez

Financial Advisor/Chief Operating Officer

Abraham Martinez believes that understanding clients’ motivations and values is key when helping them build a path toward their goals. No matter a client’s long-term objectives or current circumstances, he strives to help each individual foster a truly satisfying financial life. Proactive, creative, and driven, Abraham stays up-to-date on the changing landscape of the financial world and works to find positive solutions to each client’s needs.

Daniel G. Platt

Financial Advisor

Daniel Platt helps clients organize and streamline their financial lives, so they can focus on enjoying life. In each relationship, he takes the time to truly understand his clients’ current financial picture and long-term objectives. Daniel helps clients define exactly what their money means to them — and what they hope it will accomplish for them. Using detailed analysis, he helps clients develop effective financial habits and make sound choices for their future.

Pamela G. Schmitz

Financial Advisor

Pam Schmitz helps clients plan for tomorrow by taking care of today. With a clear understanding of each client’s unique financial vision, she works to develop a tailored path forward. Whether buying a home, saving for college, or planning for Medicare and retirement, Pam helps each client prepare for life’s many stages.

Gene Elliott

Associate Financial Advisor

For over 20 years, Gene Elliott has helped individuals and families pursue their greatest financial goals. From estate planning to employee stock options, Gene focuses on simplifying complex endeavors and helping clients find solutions that genuinely fit their needs.

Michael Telford

Client Relationship Manager

Michael Telford works closely with our founder, Brandon Miller, to help our clients meet their goals. He believes each client deserves a seamless and positive experience so they can get back to focusing on what matters in life. As well as serving clients in the Robo Advice platform, Michael brings a strong work ethic when assisting in the financial planning and investing process. With steadfast support and dedication, he strives to ensure that every client enjoys confidence in their financial future.

Lauren F. Fortier

Client Service Manager

Lauren Fortier approaches her work and service at Brio as a partnership and educational experience for all. Her exemplary care and thoughtful approach to each client relationship helps her develop tailored strategies to meet their specific needs. For Lauren, every day is a chance to grow as both a financial planner and a person.

Eduardo Alfaro

Operations Specialist

Eduardo Alfaro helps implement Brio’s compliance, regulatory, and brand standards to make sure clients get the care and attention they deserve. He collaborates with advisors and staff in order to understand each client’s unique priorities, and then works to develop systems within Brio to support those needs. By focusing on client integration, technology solutions, and data management, Eduardo helps Brio operate with thoughtful efficiency. And his creative solutions to in-house logistical issues help support a culture where every client experience matters.

Chyrlyne Dionela Gammad

Client Service Coordinator

Since 2004, Chrylyne Gammad has served as the welcoming front line for all customer interactions with Brio. With respect and integrity, she works to ensure each client receives caring support through every step of their wealth management experience. From daily operations to handling many aspects of the firm’s regulatory requirements, Chrylyne’s diligent work helps drive Brio’s client commitment and operational efficiency.