Our Team

Eduardo Alfaro

Operations Specialist

Working as a flight attendant, Eduardo decided that he’d rather fly the plane then offer passengers chicken or pasta. He earned one of the three pilot licenses before deciding to spend his money on university.

Jamie Alpaugh

Financial Planner

Jamie set a goal for himself to visit 30 countries by his 30th birthday. And he reached that milestone in a fun and memorable way—driving around the British Isles with his grandmother.

Jamie combines his methodical, problem-solving abilities with a people-loving nature in his role as an Associate Financial Planner at Brio. With a master's degree in financial planning, Jamie leverages his skills and drive to lead clients to financial success through the execution of personalized plans.

Gerald Antonio

Associate Financial Planner

If Gerald could have a mansion of dogs he would. His love for dogs is similar for tennis, it has no bounds!
Through this love, he met the love of his life partner Jeff. Talk about doubles tennis!

Wahidah Aziz

Associate Financial Planner

Wanting to be a pilot when she was younger, she assumed it would help her travel the world more before she realized that pilots don’t really get to see the world the way she intended to so she decided to make traveling a hobby and has done so by traveling to over 20 countries!

Matt Beck

Senior Financial Planner, COO

Being from Minnesota, Matt grew up a huge Vikings fan. When his parents gifted him with a replica of his NFL team’s home field, they had no idea it would turn Matt into an avid collector of miniature stadiums.

Matt is happy that his career journey led him to Brio, where he can share his vast industry knowledge to help the firm reach new heights and continue his mission to make the world better for others. 

Michelle Chan

Administrative Assistant

Michelle was so tiny as a child, that a strong gust of wind blew her and her tricycle over and into a sidewalk drain. Luckily, her father saved her from anything more disastrous than minor cuts and a bruised ego.

Michelle joins Brio as an Administrative Assistant, where her flexibility in tackling new projects is a handy skill to have. She keeps busy learning the business, taking notes in meetings and engaging in various ways across the firm, including wrangling calendars that are in constant flux.

Jon Clements

Portfolio Manager

While traveling through Ireland, Jon and his dad spent two nights at a charming B&B in a remote coastal town. Jon later discovered that they had been staying with one of his friend’s parents. In the bedroom the friend grew up in!

Ask Jon what attracted him to Brio and he’ll tell you it’s the people. At first afraid that they were “too good to be true,” he quickly decided that if Brio takes care of its employees so well, the clients must be treated like royalty. And that’s important to him, perhaps given his start in the financial world.

Barbara Domingo

Client Service Administrator

Barbara spent a year in Sweden as an exchange student and became fluent in the language. Many years later, she frequently astounds coworkers and customers by suddenly switching to the Swedish language mid conversation.

Gene Elliott

Financial Planner

As a teen, Gene loved playing trumpet in a drum and bugle corps—partly because he got to travel across the country and the globe. His team even came out on top at the ’88 world championships.

For over 20 years, Gene Elliott has helped individuals and families pursue their greatest financial goals. From estate planning to employee stock options, Gene focuses on simplifying complex endeavors and helping clients find solutions that genuinely fit their needs.

Shannon Kennedy

Director of Marketing

Shannon adores Murder She Wrote, though she’s not sure whether that’s due to the strong female lead who focuses on her career rather than romance—or Jessica Fletcher’s shoulder-padded wardrobe.

Brandon J. Miller

Private Wealth Advisor/Founder

The first bit of advice Brandon’s dad gave to him when he became a financial advisor is “Pigs get fed. Hogs get slaughtered.” Brandon still uses that bit of wisdom to caution clients against greed.

As Brio’s founder, much of our team’s culture comes from Brandon. His commitment to clients’ best interests — and focus on building a firm where people can feel comfortable and have fun — drives how our team operates each day.

Angel Rodriguez

Client Service Specialist

Spinning flags and tossing rifles while doing choreography with his high school’s color guard team helped Angel discover his deep passion for dance. Five years spent as a ballet dancer, then teacher and choreographer didn’t line his pockets much, but also didn’t dim his love of dance.

Vivian Segura

Client Service Specialist

When she noticed that no one at her high school had chosen the computer-guided lathe machine for the Skills USA contest, Vivian decided to give it a go. She ended up winning first place in the state and went on to compete in the national tournament that year.

Pamela G. Schmitz

Financial Planner, Business Development

Pam spent 10 year volunteering as a finish-line team captain at the Dipsea Race. Corralling timers, handlers and medical personnel—not to mention all the runners—is a gig she likens to a symphony conductor.

Pam Schmitz helps clients plan for tomorrow by taking care of today. With a clear understanding of each client’s unique financial vision, she works to develop a tailored path forward. Whether buying a home, saving for college, or planning for Medicare and retirement, Pam helps each client prepare for life’s many stages.

Lindsey Swanson

Financial Planner

Cooking is Lindsey’s jam. It’s her bread and butter. After much experimentation, Lindsey has perfected the art of a chicken pot pie. Not one to turn down a frozen Marie Calendar pie in a pinch, she’d rather start from scratch!

Michael Telford

Financial Planner, Director of Operations

Michael and his wife Hanna were sad to leave California, but wanted to be closer to family and have more space to spread out. After the move, they got a dog and named her Cali to provide a tail-wagging reward for what they gave up.

Rachel Walters

Associate Financial Planner

If cloning was a real thing, Rachel could be an entire band. Classically trained in violin and drums—well, any kind of percussion really—she decided her repertoire needed expanding and so taught herself piano, guitar, bass and ukulele. A true musician, indeed.

Jake Zalewski

Chief Executive Officer/CCO

Jake’s favorite birthday involved inviting 12 of his nearest and dearest to revel in Italy at the “Under the Tuscan Sun” villa. The talent show and draining the full wine cellar were two of the highlights.