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We're proudly unconventional. Take a team approach. Offer comprehensive guidance. Charge simply.

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Diversity Matters In Investing, Too

Do you have a smart balance of risk and return? Do your investments support your values? Are you on track for your goals? We can answer all that and more for you.

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Want Your Future To Be Less Taxing?

Who doesn’t want to pay the lowest tax allowable by law? Let us show you how strategic tax planning can help.

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Insurance isn't just for safeguarding loved ones and property. Learn how it can be a smart financial tool.

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Discover a range of financial tips and tricks for running your own business—and keeping it running.

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It’s our mission—and a pleasure—to donate to the LGBTQ community and other great causes, educate people about financial matters and connect with our clients at fun events.

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Get the Most Life Out of Your Money

Sure, accumulating wealth is great. But only if it helps you live your best life. That’s where Brio comes in. We can help you plan for and enjoy the things that truly make you feel happy and secure.

How you ask? By first learning who you are. Yes, your account balances and risk tolerance are important. But they can come later. What we first want to understand is what drives you. What your passions are. What keeps you up at night. Who and what you want to protect.

Because knowing you as an individual allows us provide you with a truly individualized financial plan.
And as you transform that plan into action, we’ll be there to coach you along. Provide the encouragement to keep you motivated and on track. We’ll celebrate your accomplishments. And be there for you during personal challenges. Always providing guidance for how to make sound financial choices during life’s major transitions.

Oh, and we’ll make it all a lot more fun than you might think.

Ready to start getting the most life out of your money? We’re just a click or call away.

Our Promise to You



Advice based on deep financial knowledge, technical expertise and ongoing education.



Judgment-free guidance whether you’re conventional or un-, LGBTQ—or any other initial you consider yourself.



A core commitment to always acting in your best interests.




Straightforward fees, plus state-of-the-art tools and services that help you understand your portfolio. And your life.



An attitude that makes wealth management enjoyable, not scary or boring.


Start investing on your own terms.

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