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Unearth Your Hidden Goals: Why Talking to a Financial Professional Helps

by Brandon Miller on Sep 6, 2023

Investments, Finance, Lifestyle, Savings
Goal-setting. It's the bread and butter of success across so many domains. But are you only scratching the surface? Dive deeper. A financial professional doesn't just help connect the dots; they can help you reveal additional possibilities you hadn’t even considered! Let's explore why.

How to Boost Your Financial Literacy: 5 Simple Tips for Success

by Brandon Miller on Jul 5, 2023

Finance, Education

How to Boost Your Financial Literacy:  5 Simple Tips for Success

Presented by Brio Financial Group

Many of us have experienced the cost of financial literacy gaps at one point or another. And if you’re like most folks, the gaps in your financial literacy probably cost you at least $500 last year alone.1

Think of it as a type of financial illiteracy tax. However, there is good news: you do NOT have to keep paying it year after year.