About Us

At Brio Financial Group, our clients’ success always comes first. No matter our endeavor — from studying market trends to researching the latest tools and laws — we focus on finding new ways to improve our clients’ lives.

From our perspective, financial planning includes many nuances and often presents a full spectrum of opportunities, just like life itself. Helping you find the best answers for your unique needs — rather than offering some vanilla option — is where our passion lies. We also know that many people’s experiences fall outside the stereotypical husband and wife with 2.5 kids. And our 12-member team loves nothing more than helping clients with non-traditional or complex lives make the most of their financial opportunities.

We thrive on helping people who don’t fit a standard mold find new ways to live their best financial lives.

Meet Our Team

Our Guiding Principles

Money is a tool, not a goal.

We think life is about more than simply accumulating wealth. Instead, we’ll help you discover how to use your assets to build the life of your dreams — no matter what you hope to achieve. By working with you to define tangible goals that reflect your values, we can create a plan that brings your vision to life.

Relationships matter.

When we work together, you are entrusting our team with your financial future — and we recognize the incredible weight of that decision. We build close-knit relationships with our clients, where we know who you are and what passions inspire you. We care when you’re happy, sad, and anywhere in between. In fact, because of the relationships we develop, our clients frequently will call us first during important life moments, ready to share their news or ask for our perspectives. Whether you need guidance, support, or a friend to talk to, we’re here for you.

Education is crucial.

You deserve to understand exactly where you stand in your financial life. And your financial team should be on top of the latest industry knowledge and technological tools. Ultimately, education is the foundation for both of these requirements, and we’ve built it into every aspect of our work. Our advisors engage in continuing education and stay abreast of the latest industry knowledge, investments, services and tools that keep our clients moving forward. We also work to ensure that you understand the advice and investments we recommend, and keep you informed at every step.

Time is precious.

You can make more money, but you can never get back wasted time. So, our team will help you make informed decisions, create efficient plans, pursue your goals, and enjoy your life — now.

From being fully prepared for meetings to responding to you promptly, we promise to respect your time.

Giving Back

Contributing to our community is an integral part of who we are at Brio. Our team invests significant time and money into organizations that support the San Francisco Bay Area, and particularly the LGBT community.