Smarter You Series - Women and Wealth

Smarter You Series - Women and Wealth

by Brandon Miller on Mar 29, 2021

Women, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, Financial Planning, Personal Finance

Studies show women and men approach financial decisions quite differently.* It seems that women tend to be more goal-oriented, take on less risk, prefer to buy and hold, and seek out professional advice more often than men.

These tendencies are likely what help women earn higher returns in general than men, while taking on less risk. But these same inclinations can also hold women back when it comes to their money.

That’s why this Smarter You talk centers around women and wealth. Brio’s Donna DeSanctis hosted the call and spoke about:

• How to have more confidence in your investment decisions
• How to find a level of risk that works for your tolerance and goals
• When it makes sense to sell an investment
• Strategies to keep you from outliving your assets

Brio wants to help you become the smartest, most confident investor possible. We hope you find this play informative and look forward to seeing you at future educational events. Also, if you have any female friends or co-workers who you think could benefit from our talk about women and wealth, we invite you to share this page with them.

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* Sources:
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Wei Lu, Peter L. Swan and P. Joakim Westerholm, The Gender Face-Off: Do Females Come Out on Top in Terms of Trading Performance? 29th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, August 20, 2016.

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