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Plan For Financial Freedom - Even If You're Not Rich

by Brandon Miller on Jul 3, 2018

Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Education

In honor of Independence Day, let’s focus on a freedom you probably want to achieve—your financial independence. You know, that time of your life when you have enough money to kiss your job goodbye and pursue your passions.

Sounds great. But for most of us, it also sounds like a long slog. Achieving financial freedom means you have to accumulate wealth. And the surest way to build wealth is to spend less than you make. When you live someplace as expensive as the Bay Area, it’s hard not to pay out every cent that comes in.

What Women Shouldn’t Retire Without

by Brandon Miller on Jun 20, 2018

Retirement, Financial Planning, Education

When our parents retired, living to 75 amounted to a nice long life, and Social Security was often supplemented by a pension. The Social Security Administration estimates that today’s average 65-year-old female will live to age 86.6. Given these projections, it appears that a retirement of 20 years or longer might be in your future.1,2  

Are Financial Advisory Fees Tax Deductible?

by Brandon Miller on Jun 11, 2018

Financial Planning, Taxes, Education

Before 2018, you could partly or fully deduct investment advisory fees on your federal income tax return. When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed, however, the miscellaneous itemized deduction for investment fees and expenses vanished.1
This deduction seldom mattered for taxpayers in the highest brackets, as they could only deduct miscellaneous items on Schedule A once those expenses exceeded 2% of their adjusted gross incomes. Other investors took advantage of it; some, frequently.1

Planning your Estate

by Brandon Miller on Jun 4, 2018

Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Education

Accepting one’s own mortality is a tough pill to swallow. As such, estate planning can be a morbid topic that lingers in the background of our lives ominously. Nobody wants to plan for their own death! However, the repercussions your family will face are dire if you delay preparing for the unforeseen curveballs that life throws our way.
In order to ensure that our families are secure with a strong foundation no matter what occurs in the future, Americans must be proactive. With that being said, we will look at the most important elements of estate planning that must be addressed.

Game of Life: Financial Planning at Every Age

by Brandon Miller on May 31, 2018

Education, Financial Planning, Family

If you’ve ever played the Game of Life board game, it becomes clear that compressed into the colorful path there are various stages of life. Each stage holds its own major financial challenges as well as prospective profits in addition to surprises (new baby!) and forks in the road. In the real world game of life, much is the same, but with sound financial planning throughout the different stages of life, you can have much more control over how much you retire with (as opposed to those random tiles you collect throughout the board game).

5 Common Financial Terms

by Brandon Miller on May 23, 2018

Finance, Financial Planning, Education

If you’re just starting to take charge of your financial future, it can be stressful approaching financial planning with confidence. Do you ever talk to your bank or financial manager and think that they’re speaking a foreign language? Between acronyms, money talk, and words longer than my arm, it’s no wonder that sometimes going to the bank is similar to going to the dentist - but hopefully not as painful. We wanted to help with that. Here are a few financial terms you should know by heart before consulting a financial professional.

Get In shape - Financial Fitness 101

by Brandon Miller on May 21, 2018

Financial Planning, Education, Retirement Planning

We’re all familiar with fitness fanatics, raving about life changing workouts guaranteed to get you into tip top shape. While there is a new fitness craze in the air, it’s time to exercise your wallet. Financial Fitness is a set of goals or programs to help you identify your financial goals, and how to get in the best financial shape of your life.

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