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What's Next: Retirement Adventures Await!

Date: April 10, 2024
Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm

Brio is always here to inform you on how to plan financially for your retirement. We also want to make sure we are helping you plan for what you’ll be doing with those well-earned retirement years. Funnily enough, not everyone gives a lot of thought to the next chapter.  

Enter Brio’s “What’s Next”. We are introducing an open forum for you and your peers to contemplate just that. Let’s find out what adventures await together, the Brio way.  

Retirement is about embracing new beginnings, exploring passions, and discovering what truly ignites your spirit. That’s all the fun stuff but there are some aging considerations too.

So, grab a seat at our virtual table as we delve into the wide world of retirement possibilities. Share stories, find inspiration and explore pathways for what’s next.  

Join us on Wednesday, April 10th at 5pm Pacific via zoom, won’t you? Brandon will be our host with the most. RSVP here!


We hope to see you soon on the zoom, 

Your Brio Team