Event Details

Brio Book Club

Date: September 26, 2023
Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm

The votes are in people and we have heard you loud and clear! The winner for this book club read is Trust by Hernan Diaz. Certainly, given it received accolades from Columbia University in the form of The Pulitzer Prize, landed on the New York Times Bestseller List and Barack Obama and Oprah count it among their faves, it can’t be bad right?  One way to find out!  

Trust, split into four novels, called books, tackles the tricky situations of modern-day capitalism. Starting off with a nod to the novel Bonds, a 1937 bestseller, it follows a money hungry man forever on the hunt for endless wealth named Benjamin Rask. Over these four books it challenges the hardened agreements of how greed, wealth, and capitalism all play a strong hand in our very human lives and what perceived power we have left. Sounds interesting? Let us know if you would like a book via email and we will send you one to your door step!  

Join us as we discuss how Diaz navigates these competing ideas all in the frame of finding a balance between fact and fiction at the next Brio Book Club on September 26th at 5PM Pacific for our chat. Click here for access to the zoom. We will send a reminder closer to the date with the zoom link and details. Plus, it doubles as a check in to see how far along you are in the book! 

Happy reading! 

The Brio Team