Quarterly Conference Call

What's Up (or Down) With the Market?

Is it possible that we’re witnessing the end of this long bull market—or does it still have some steam left? Watch this video presentation to hear what Matt Beck, Vice President and Financial Consultant for American Century Investments, thinks the market has in store for us the rest of this year.

October 2018

The Markets Are Crazy, You Don't Have To Be Call

Darrell Riley, a vice president of T. Rowe Price who’s also an asset-allocation specialist, joined us to address dealing with ongoing stock market volatility and rising bond rates, as well as new developments in commodities and real estate trends. 

July 2018

Environmental, Social, and Governance Call

This call on socially responsible investing covers the rapidly growing trend of measuring the social impact of a company by applying an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) lens to the fundamental research of that investment. You’ll hear how focusing your capital on a purpose doesn’t have to come at the cost of net return. (Please note that the guest speaker is independent of Brio Financial Group.)

April 2018

Tax Law Call

You probably have questions about what impact the new tax bill will have on your finances once it’s signed into law. These are some ways you can leverage the upcoming changes now. And we’ll cover even more tactics for potentially lowering your tax bill on the conference call.

January 2018