Brio Launch


Your life is on your terms — your savings should be, too.

At Brio, we know that as an early investor, you’re in busy and exciting life stages. With all of the growth and change you’re experiencing, building the savings you need for the future is often one day at a time. Letting your finances take the back burner is easy. Don’t worry. We get it. Everyone has to start somewhere. 

80% of people between 23 and 34 years old
don’t have $10,000 in savings.*


Welcome to Brio Launch!

Brio Launch is a new way to invest and save without breaking the bank. In as little as 1 month, you can set your goals, create a financial plan, and invest your money.

With Brio Launch, you benefit from:

  • Professional Financial Guidance: Where other investment platforms leave the planning and guesswork to you — which means you risk making the wrong decisions — we support you from day 1. Your monthly fee provides you with access to our team to help you plan your finances, budget your money, and invest for the future. You need the advice. We’re here to help.
  • Customized Financial Plan: Stop making financial decisions without a clear strategy. With Brio Launch, you receive your own financial plan, customized to your unique goals and life vision. We combine technology with real people to help you realize your goals and dreams, by implementing strategies that work.
  • No Investment Minimum: No matter if you have $100 or $100,000, you can start investing with purpose without worrying about whether you have enough money to get started.
  • One Flat Rate: You won’t be hit with surprises from Brio Launch. For one monthly fee of $99, you’ll gain access to sophisticated financial planning and guidance from our Brio team. From there, we help you invest and provide oversight on your financial progress.

How Does Brio Launch Work?

Start investing within 1 month! 
To get started, we’ll have an introductory phone call to discuss our process. Before you invest, we’ll customize your plan by learning about important financial and life details, like your family budget, goals, and expenses. We’ll also organize your account with your other professional relationships, like your CPA.

Once we know who you are and what matters to you, we’ll develop your financial plan. Together, we’ll have a candid conversation where you can ask questions and get answers — and voila! Your financial plan is in place. From there, we know exactly what we need to do to achieve your financial goals and have a solid investment plan.

Ready to get started? We’re ready to help!

Contact the Brio team at 833-623-2450 or provide your information in the contact form below to start a conversation with us.