Why Generational Wealth is Important for the LGBTQ+ Community

Why Generational Wealth is Important for the LGBTQ+ Community

by Brandon Miller on Feb 28, 2024

Generational Wealth

Why Generational Wealth is Important for the LGBTQ+ Community

Presented by Brio Financial Group

To many people, the idea of generational wealth may seem like something only the Kapital K Karadashians can achieve. But as members of the LGBTQ+ community, we face a unique set of challenges that make building, and sharing, what we have extra important. Whether it's due to social discrimination, healthcare costs, or lack of family support, building assets can be a game- changer for our community.

Being gay is an identity, and not something we are traditionally taught. We have to learn the culture. We also have some freedom to define what that means to us. But we also have a responsibility to pass it on. Again, this isn’t about money, well not only money. Nor is it about traditional family structure. It’s about sharing your assets and values with your chosen family and cherished causes.

Back in 1999, when my former business partner and I decided to start Brio, one of our goals was how we could help the community at large. Part of that is arming you with the information and tools to live your best life and get the most life out of your money. Hopefully, after all of that you’ll still have some to spare. So, let’s explore the benefits of building balances and how we can start investing in our collective financial futures.

Be part of the solution

Many of us in the LGBTQ+ community have faced financial hardships due to societal discrimination. Building wealth and financial stability can help break the cycle of struggle and open up opportunities for future generations. By investing in our financial futures, and causes that serve our community, we can foster a more stable and secure community for everyone today and for future generations.

About those future generations.... A lot of us don’t have kids. Who is the next generation if you don’t have kids? As usual, the default settings on life don’t work for our community all the time. If you have offspring, it’s a little more straight forward. You can set up retirement accounts and get them involved in the family business and follow the more traditional path that defines generational wealth.

For the childfree among us, maybe this means you may have more to share with your chosen family and favorite organizations. We can have a hand in impacting our community and culture so let's vow to collectively do a better job of handing off to the next generation. Invest in our dreams.

My motto is dream big!

We've been told we can't achieve our dreams time and time again. What better revenge is there than building generational wealth, where we can create the financial freedom to pursue our passions and ambitions. Whether it's starting our own businesses, traveling the world, or supporting our communities, investing in our financial futures can be the key to achieving our dreams.

Create a safety net for our community, whoever they are

When disasters, health emergencies, layoffs, breakups or other unexpected events happen, being able to throw a loved one a life preserver can make all the difference. By building up our financial reserves, we can create a safety net for ourselves and our loved ones.

Leave a legacy for future generations

As members of the LGBTQ+ community, we often create our own families and support networks. Giving back to those who gave us so much helps to leave a legacy for future generations of our chosen families. This legacy can include financial stability, education opportunities, or even community support programs. Leaving a positive impact on our communities can be one of the most rewarding things we can do with our wealth and time on this earth.

How to start building generational wealth?

That’s the big question, right? It starts with making a plan and sticking to it. Whether it's investing in the stock market, real estate, or our own businesses, creating a financial plan and sticking to it can be one of the most important things we do for our financial futures. By working with financial advisors, setting realistic goals, and staying committed to our plans, we can start building generational wealth and creating brighter futures together.

Practically, though, here are some things you can do:

  • Start planning early - This helps maximize the benefits and minimize taxes.
  • Understand tax implications - Educate yourself on the tax implications of gifting assets, including gift tax, estate tax, and employ tax-sheltered savings wherever possible.
  • Promote Financial Literacy – Help educate younger generations about financial responsibility.
  • Contribute to your loved ones’ 529 plans — this higher education investment account is not subject to federal income tax.
  • Take advantage of educational and medical exclusions, which allow for tax-free payments of qualified educational or medical expenses on behalf of another person.
  • Utilize the annual gift tax exclusion, which allows individuals to gift a certain amount of money or assets to each recipient tax-free each year (which is currently $18,000 per individual or $36,000 per married couple).
  • Make gift IRA contributions to loved ones up to $6500 at present.
  • Provide down payment assistance for a home purchase.
  • Establish Trusts - Create trusts to transfer assets to beneficiaries while maintaining control over how those assets are managed and distributed. Trusts can provide benefits such as asset protection, minimizing estate taxes, and ensuring assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Generational wealth is a powerful tool that can create positive change for our community. By breaking the cycle of financial struggle, creating a safety net, investing in our dreams, leaving a legacy for future generations, and working towards a financial plan, we can start building a brighter future for ourselves and our chosen families. So, let's commit to investing in our financial futures and creating a more secure, stable, and thriving LGBTQ+ community

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